Hand Painted Paper

Not only is Hand Painted Paper beautiful and dramatic, its seamless, very durable and can be touched up and repaired.  This finish is great for commercial spaces and high traffic areas.  This finish is one of What about Wendy’s most popular!  We apply it differently, by tearing the edges of the tissue it allows the finish to be seamless, mimicking marble and granite.

One thing that makes Hand Painted Paper special is that it can be designed to match any color or style and is labeled our most versatile finish!  With the endless color options, we can top it off with metallic glazes, stain washes, and glitter to make the finish have even more movement and contrast.    This finish will become the inspiration to the decor and furniture in your space, we think you will be amazed!

Tissue Paper
Torn Edges
Stencil Application
Metallic sheens
Glazed Paper