Color and Design

Color and Design Consultations and Design Assistance

Wendy Forgus owner of What about Wendy Painting and Design is an Interior Designer that has been practicing design for over 10 years. Her and her staff can assist with color, furniture, artwork and purchasing for individual projects.

What about Wendy painting and design is one of the only interior design businesses that is completely hands on with all of their projects. We coordinate and manage your project from beginning to end. Helping you make the design process a fun and exciting task, keeping you aware of all decisions, creating sample boards, design boards and color selection. ” We try to help the customer visualize the end result, it is so important to stay in communication with our clients throughout the project so that we exceed their expectation and their is no second guessing. ” owner Wendy Forgus adds. Not only can What about Wendy help you create the space you’ve imagined but they take pride in there 100% satisfaction guarantee. Wendy explains,  “Our goal is to be your painter for life, making you feel comfortable in your investment, executing your project in a timely order, keeping a tidy workspace, all frustration free”.  Therefore, if you have a project that you want completed and want to work with a professional that keeps your needs in mind, schedule your free color consultation today!